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To quickly bring NRCS field office personnel (and others) up to speed with RUSLE2, a tutorial has been developed. It is designed to run on Windows 98 and later, using the Internet Explorer 5.0 browser or later. The tutorial combines photos, audio, and short video clips, and covers four areas:

  • Basic erosion processes
  • How climate, environment, and management affect erosion
  • Making a simple RUSLE2 erosion calculation
  • Comparing alternative management options in RUSLE2


Download instructions
  • Click the link below and follow the download instructions.
  • When the download finishes, open File Manager and double-click on the "NRCS_tutorial_2002_10_03.exe" file.
  • The tutorial will expand into a directory of your choosing.
  • To run the tutorial, double-click on the START.HTM file.



Depending on your connection, downloading this will require several hours over a standard 56K modem, or on the order of an hour using ISDN. A DSL, cable, or T1 connection may reduce the time required to as little as several minutes.

If you do not have a fast connection, you may wish to load the tutorial from a CD. If multiple offices in your state or agency will be downloading the tutorial on computers lacking a fast connection, CD's should be considered.